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3Things to Keep in Mind Before Participating in Art Competitions


There are various ways in which you can get recognition and profit from your artwork as an artists. Entering art competitions is one of the ways. Many art competitions are announced regularly. To get the most from the competition, whether to win or gain recognition, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. Below are three things to consider.


Will You Get Value from the Competition?

There are dozens of art exhibition you can participate in. However, you do not have to participate in any or all competitions being run. For instance, if a competition will not help to advance your goals, you can pass it over. The last thing you want is to waste money in form of entry fees, your time and effort participating in a competition that will not advance your goals.


Carry out some research before you decide to submit an entry for a competition.  If possible, attend an open exhibition to find out what types of works other artists are submitting. When you attend an exhibition, you will also know whether your artwork will be a good fit for the completion.


The purpose of the competition is another thing you should find out about. Are you comfortable having your artwork used for the purposes of the competition?


Be Yourself

It can be difficult creating artwork that is innovate and will stand out from the crowd. There are various reasons why creating innovative artwork can be challenging. For one, many artists try to go with what the market says is good artwork. This is why some of the artworks at exhibitions features the same styles. "Being yourself" requires you to be different. You will get noticed when you create original and unique artwork. Know more about art at


To know the kind of artworks required, read the guidelines of the competition. After this, use your unique skills and styles to create artwork that follows the competition guidelines. You will not advance your skills or career if all you do is copy the styles of other artists.


What Are Your Chances of Winning?

Research the chances you have of getting selecting in the competition. If you get selected for a competition, this will boost your CV. If you win the competition, this will even be more beneficial. However, do not let this notion make you not take part in competitions.  Some people on focus on a few competitions that don't attract a lot of entries.


You may think you are more likely to be selected in competitions that do not require a lot of entries. However, such competitions usually have stricter qualification requirements. You are more likely to be rejected in such competitions.


If you want to take part in an online art contests, keep the tips above in mind.